Monday, 10/16/17

Beginning Week #6 – what?!?!

I haven’t posted in a while because there really isn’t anything new to post.  A virus and/or bacteria will be identified and attacked.  John will still be feeling sick (nausea, cough, etc.).  Tests are conducted.  Virus and/or bacteria is identified and attacked.  You get the idea.

This weekend yet another virus is attacking his gut.  Poor guy.  They will watch him for another couple of days, and if it doesn’t resolve itself, then another scope will be done.

He is weary.  He is weak.  Yesterday he slept alot.  The doctors assure me his slow recovery is what happens with BMT patients.  And, hallelujah, no tests have identifed any cancer.  That is wonderful!!

We are confident that in our weakness, the strength of the Lord pulls us through.

Love to all







Wednesday, Sept 27, 2017

Wish I could say I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but I haven’t heard anything definitive from the doctors.

The bronchoscopy yesterday showed bacteria, so now we wait until we know what kind of bacteria. Hopefully this is the root cause of all the coughing.  The viruses are continuing their downhill climb, thank God.  He is very weak and our goal today is to get him walking 2 times.  HA!  Yesterday it took 2 of us just to get him from the bed to the bathroom, with a walker.  It was like watching a documentary of someone learning how to walk after losing use of their legs.

Please continue to pray for us.  I wish you knew how much we need you.


Where we are

We are at OU Medical Center in OKC, our home-away-from-home.  We have been here since September 11 fighting viruses. All treatable. Poor john has been xrayed, poked, prodded, examined,  and questioned; just trying to figure him out. He is very weak. Getting lots of medicine.  And lots of doctors’ knowledge ! What a gift.

Boy, I just read that paragraph and it sounds sooo gloomy. We are tired and ready to come home, but we are NOT defeated.  This quick trip to the doctor that we thought would entail a possible 2 day stay has turned into a 2 week plus stay.  

I will try and update more often. Thank you so very much for thinking about us and praying for us.  We are able to face whatever comes because of our hope in Christ, who sends us strength by the prayers of others. 

I heard the song “In Christ Alone” this morning.  Man, that is a good song!


How appropriate that the day John sends a thank you (severely redacted) to his donor, we get the news that the stem cell count is up to 95%! The boost is doing its thing….and we are thankful.

It is hard to express how grateful we are to …..Everybody!!!……and to God, who has given us so much more than we deserve.

In Christ, John and Cindy 

July 31

Thought I should update.  The chemo cycle significantly reduced the spots that were found in January.  Yes! Enough that John received a boost of stem cells from our donor on July 6.  He had a reaction to the preservatives, so the 15 minute process took 6 hours (bless Jim Stanton!). We will continue to have labs drawn weekly. John is amazingly strong and positive. 

Happy are the people whose God is the Lord😊

Cycle 1, Day 8

It’s been a while since we posted, hasn’t it?  But yesterday was the 2nd round of chemo on this cycle.  John has a new regimen that is easy for us to follow – just once a week for 3 weeks, then off a week. Repeat.

So far, the drugs have been kind to John on the side effects.  Our prayer, as always, is that this kicks cancer out, allowing John to receive additional stem cells from his donor.

Next week is his one year anniversary from receiving donor stem cells.  Days are long, but the year went so FAST.  We are full of gratefulness on so many levels.  This year brought us another grandbaby – beautiful Ellie, with red hair and blue eyes.  So now we are at 6.  And to think that when this cancer journey started, we only had one!

thank you for your continued prayers.  We are able because He is able!


Round 4

Yep, it’s back. The very same Follicular non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Stubborn little cells !!  Boo! Hiss!  (And. I admit a few curse words went through my mind).  After  round 1 of chemo, round 2 stem cell transplant, and round 3 donor stem cells, John has to get back in the ring.  We meet next week with Dr. Selby to hear the plan of attack.   John has a wonderful attitude. He is ready to do what he needs to do.  Curious to see what that will be.

I woke up this morning, though, thinking how tiring this all is.  Let’s just move on already.  But for some reason, my mind went to how tired Jesus might have gotten during his 3 year ministry.  Constantly  healing, teaching, raising folks from the dead, encouraging.  And how did he sleep? On borrowed beds? On blankets in the desert? Not very restful, I am sure.

That’s why it was important for Him to draw away and refresh his soul with quiet, alone time with His Father.  He drew strength from God.  He would talk to God , listen to what God had to say, and then face a new day.

That is exactly what we will do, too.

We so very much appreciate your prayers.

November 2

I think today is Day 186…or something like that. 6 months out. Today’s blood work looked good….all within parameters that are deemed ok for stem cell transplant patients. Except for the white blood count. It had dropped. But Dr. Yuen seems to think it’s going to rise with the shot he received today😊

He looks good, feels good and is still anxious to be able to return to the office.  

We are thankful this road has been as smooth as it is.  God has been very kind to us.

Blessing in disguise

Wednesday morning, john passed out at the men’s Bible study. After an ambulance ride to the ER and a two-night hospital stay, he was found to be cancer-free, no infections, and low on iron.  He came home with orders to begin extra vitamins and to STOP two prescriptions !!

Grateful to doctors near and far who communicate and the nurses who are hands-on care.

Prayer does work.  Thank you so much for your support.